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Thermochemical energy storage (TCS) is an interesting concept for thermal energy storage due to:

  • high storage density
  • unlimited duration of storage without any losses
  • simple possibilities for transport

Actually, investigations on TCS, taking into consideration only reversible chemical reactions are in the phase of basic research. Development of TC-materials depends on the solution of some technical key problems like attaining sufficient reaction kinetics and cycle stability as well as defining appropriate particle sizes for handling and reaction.

The motivation for the performance of the suggested project is caused by several advantages, resulting from elevated operating pressures, like:

  • influence on state of phase for the reaction partners (e. g. liquid instead of gaseous)
  • effect on reaction kinetics
  • introduction of reaction systems, like MgO-sCO2 ( the latter under- or supercritical)

Goals, innovative scope compared to state of the art / state of knowledge: In literature only little or almost no information can be found, describing the influence of ambient pressure on dehydration / hydration, decarbonation / carbonation. Based on findings from project SolidHeat Basic and from SolidHeat Kinetics, under the proposed project investigations on TC-materials will be extended to elevated pressure. Therefore a pressure STA contributed by TU Wien to support these research activities will be applied. According to the applicant’s level of information the pressure STA is one of the few available in Europe. So a unique possibility for top level research in the field of TCS is offered to the applicants by the present proposal.

Affected results and insights:

The affected results will:

  • identify reaction pairs, best suitable for TCS-application at elevated pressures
  • help to understand reaction kinetics and mechanisms under high pressure
  • gain an insight into new reaction-systems, e. g. supercritical CO2 used for carbonation, opening new ways for TCS (by combining with ETES-systems)

The takeaway results in knowledge, which is very important for the understanding of coherences of reaction kinetics at elevated pressure.