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Thermal Energy Storage for Sustainable Energy Technology – Tes4seT

The Tes4seT project aims to address the high potential of increasing the energy efficiency in various industrial processes by establishing waste heat recovery supported by novel thermochemical heat storage systems. The most significant opportunity  is the simultaneous research  for the storage materials as well as for the reactor design itself. Therefore, a highly optimized medium temperature thermal energy storage system will be achieved, providing flexibility to be adapted for different conditions in industrial processes, and working with outstanding efficiency to maximize the heat recovery rate.

Objectives and methods:

Search for industrial applications in energy intensive branches like diaries, pulp & paper, glass, chemical industry, not iron-metalls, fire-proof industry​.

Process integration of model cases in the production of refractory materials (cooling of products after tunnel kiln and cooling of materials molten in electric arc furnace); and metallurgy batch processes (cooling after electric melting furnace ).

Material testing and selection: MgO, Mg- salts, others; Optimize reaction kinetics: Calcination temperature (crystal size), Particle size distribution, purity and trace elements, influence of accelerators, mixture of components to influence reaction kinetics.